Food2Go Tray

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Over recent years the sandwich, wrap and prepacked salad market has changed significantly and is now sold and marketed under the Food to Go banner. Ravensbourn Container Systems, well known as the UK leading supplier of bread trays has launched a new tray specifically designed for the Food to Go market.

“The market requested a new tray which could be designed for safe transporting and storing of sandwiches, rolls wraps and etc. The sales team conducted thorough research prior to launching the new tray.” – says UK Sales Manager Steve Bolton.

The tray has a durable construction with a smooth, hygienic finish, moulded in food grade polypropylene. With the addition of bale arms this crate boasts great stacking capabilities. Once the bale arms are folded neatly away, the baskets then nest into each other and can be stored away for future use.

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