RavNest trays helps to preserve a quality of goods while they are transporting.

RavNest range2

Eurosize container with a durable construction, smooth hygienic surface and is moulded in Food Grade Polypropylene (PP), a popular tray used in many supermarkets. RavNest tray is a nest and stack container, which helps to preserve a quality of fresh and frozen vegetables, fruit, fish, cheese, prepacked meats, prepared meals and many other grocery items while the goods are transporting or storing from field or food manufacture. Empty trays nest by up to 76% of their original height saving valuable space on return logistics.

Its extra ventilation throughout the tray promote good air flow and are suitable for use within temperature controlled environments where a temperature range is from -30°C to +85°C. The handholds each side of the tray have been designed to ensure easy and comfortable manoeuvre of produce even when wearing gloves. Its stippled exterior makes removal of printed sticky labels much easier and the ticket holders each end of the containers allow produce to be identified quickly and efficiently. 

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