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  • RavNest trays helps to preserve a quality of goods while they are transporting.
    07 November 2016 10:52am

    RavNest trays helps to preserve a quality of goods while they are transporting.

    Eurosize container with a durable construction, smooth hygienic surface and is moulded in Food Grade Polypropylene (PP), a popular tray used in many supermarkets. RavNest tray is a nest and stack container, which helps to preserve a quality of fresh and frozen vegetables, fruit, fish, cheese, prepacked meats, prepared meals and many other grocery items while the goods are transporting or storing from field or food manufacture....

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  • Welding shop at Ravensbourn’s Woodville site
    31 August 2016 12:41pm

    Welding shop at Ravensbourn’s Woodville site

    We are proud to introduce our new welding shop at Ravensbourn’s Woodville site. We have started producing single & double steel dollies, shop shelves for any trays & containers, therefore we can now offer any size steel dollies, powder coated in any colour of your choice with name plates if required. Please feel free to contact us on 01283 500 525 or email sales@ravensbourn.co.uk[mailto:sales@ravensbourn.co.uk] if you have any...

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  • Stack & Nest Container RavNest
    09 August 2016 1:07pm

    Stack & Nest Container RavNest

    RavNest - Stack & Nest containers, designed to suit all your requirements! After prolonged research and consultation with major retailers, we designed our own stack & nest container which fits all standard distribution requirements and operates seamlessly with the latest handling, weighing and pallet storage methods. We have a great offer this summer! Ring on 01283 500 525 or email sales@ravensbourn.co.uk for further information.  Find more offers on our website www.ravensbournshop.co.uk 

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  • Food2Go Tray
    13 June 2016 2:09pm

    Food2Go Tray

    Over recent years the sandwich, wrap and prepacked salad market has changed significantly and is now sold and marketed under the Food to Go banner. Ravensbourn Container Systems, well known as the UK leading supplier of bread trays has launched a new tray specifically designed for the Food to Go market. “The market requested a new tray which could be designed for safe transporting and storing of...

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