We understand the importance of recycling, especially in the plastic industry. With our on-site reprocessing facilities, we can turn your old damaged products into material for use in new products – we offer all the recycling services. We collect used trays and containers. After cleaning, grinding, washing and drying, the plastic is ready for moulding and re-use.

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 We can provide:

  • All scrap collection
  • Scrap weighed & accounted for
  • Material recycling

As part of our carbon footprint commitment all of our products are 100% recyclable. Even though plastic polymer as a raw material isn’t the most eco-friendly, we do our best to make sure its impact on the earth is reduced as far as possible. We are able to recycle parts back into raw material ready for life as brand new products.

In 2012 we took our commitment one step further and introduced an inspection and repair service. We have managed to turn 50-75% of all scrap parts back into fully operational products and therefore eliminating the need to recycle. This has produced a great saving for the environment and an even better saving for our customers. 

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