We appreciate that not everyone will have the facilities to accommodate stock. However no-one wants to miss sales by not having enough products ready or easily available. Why not use our storage facility for your requirements? We are able to offer flexibility with short & long term deep storage solutions at our five acre storage facility in Swadlincote which will ensure that all goods will be securely locked and monitored by CCTV 24/7.

Customers such as Hovis, Bakers Basco, Allied etc. are now holding at least 250 000 trays on our sites.

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We can provide:

  • 24/7 secured open storage
  • Short and long term
  • Pallet racking and forklift services
  • Stock management
  • Stock control and auditing
  • Product inspection, repair work, washing, repacking services

We can manage all your requirements whatever your size of business. Combined with our storage and distribution service, your stock can be managed and delivered seamlessly every time.

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