Founded by David & Monica Meredith in 1979, Ravensbourn Plastics Ltd produced its first injection moulded part in a small factory in Woodville, Derbyshire.

During the 1980’s and having moved to a larger factory in Tamworth, the company’s first major success came in the form of the development of milk crates for the dairy industry. Major customers included Dairy Crest, Express Dairies, Dale Farm, Unigate and CWS (Co-Op). At this time two sister companies (Unicorn Plastics, Woodall Plastics) were set up to handle specific contracts/customers. On the back of the successful entry into milk crate market, Ravensbourn launched itself into the bread tray market; quickly winning contracts from major bakeries that included Fine Lady, Jacksons, Harvestime and Roberts.

In 1997, Ravensbourn moved into a purpose built factory in Burton on Trent.  Whilst continuing to thrive in the container industry Ravensbourn began working with global companies including Honda, Nissan, Jaguar, Johnson Controls and Denso Marsden to produce parts for the automotive industry.

In 2004, Ravensbourn took the decision to scale down its operations and cease manufacturing to focus on the marketing and distribution of its dairy and bakery products.

By 2005 Ravensbourn, Unicorn and Woodall Plastics merged together to become Ravensbourn Container Systems. Its sole purpose was to focus on selling products for the container market.

Today Ravensbourn continues to build on its core business and with many new projects in the pipeline, the future looks set to be an exciting one...

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